1-1 Private Yoga & Mentoring Sessions

1-1 Private Yoga

Private yoga tuition at the YLC is personal and tailor–made to suit the individual or small group who wish to pursue their yoga practice beyond general class availability.

A private lesson lasts for an hour and costs £40. An extra £5 is required for any additional participants.

Please contact Ceri for more information or to book a class


Ceri can offer a series of mentoring sessions for those already in teaching, or a practitioner who wishes to pursue a particular area of study and practice. Ceri will provide a platform and inspire a sense of direction for you to develop and gain confidence in your own area of study. In these sessions, rather than Ceri providing a written lesson plan, you will be encouraged to make notes, based on your understanding, as part of your authentic development.

A bundle of 4 sessions to be taken within a 12 month period costs £120.

Please contact Ceri for more information or to book a class

“I have loved working with Ceri and feel this is only the beginning of yoga for me. The program was so good for everything that I needed and I have loved seeing the improvements in myself and how much I benefit from yoga. There is definitely no stopping me now!”

Laura Wellington

“We have been having sessions with Ceri for over a year. Each of us had our own specific needs which she understood and catered for. She has been inspiring and nurturing and has challenged us to do progressively demanding postures but in a safe way. We have also become interested in the use of the breath in Yoga and in Yogic breathing practices. We can wholeheartedly recommend Ceri as a teacher and mentor.”

Roberta & John

“Excellent! Ceri helped my breathing technique in order to get maximum benefit anytime I feel anxious. I feel a lot calmer and much more flexible. There is so much to learn and it’s so beneficial. I recommend anyone to try it.”

Jan Ellis