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An interest in Japanese origin Reiki Healing, pronounced Rei, meaning “universal” and ki, meaning “life energy” began for me back in 2002 after completing and qualifying in several other complimentary therapy qualifications whilst living in St Helens and Warrington. I researched the subject of Reiki to gain more knowledge prior to studying for the Level 3 Reiki Practitioners Diploma at Warrington Collegiate in August 2004.

Moving to North Wales in 2004 I had the pleasure of experiencing and practicing many complimentary therapies in both Beauty Salons and also Hotel Spa’s in the North Wales area. At this stage Reiki Healing was still relatively new to Salon/Spa’s but my interest in this area grew over the year’s.

I was keen to develop further, and from this completed the Reiki Degree Levels I and II in Advanced Reiki Therapy. Self–meditation and self–healing became part of my daily routine enabling me to connect and focus on the imbalances in the body. Following attunement, to these levels I felt stronger as a Practitioner and was able to develop further whilst employed, carrying out Reiki but also other complimentary therapies as Reiki automatically flows from the practitioners hands during any hands on treatment.

In June 2007 I made the decision to train for the Master Reiki Training under the instruction of Mary Pipkin in Connah’s Quay, North Wales. This was the final step towards my growth and personal development within this field. One where I could treat my clients very effectively and concentrate on each individuals needs thoroughly.

I am extremely passionate about Reiki Therapy and enjoy working with, and improving a client’s wellbeing. During, a Reiki treatment the client and I will feel a sensation of warmth, tingling, pins and needles radiating out of my hands. Each client may experience variations of these feelings treatment to treatment. Reiki will flow through the whole body and travels to where it is much needed. Reiki is a fascinating and invasive treatment and one that can be carried out anywhere at any time.

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