Yogarami – Claire Riley

I discovered Yoga as a child and been practicing ever since. Although always drawn to teaching Yoga, a busy career and children took priority for a long time. However the foundations for both my personal practice and my full time teaching practice were laid down through filling copious notebooks with wisdom from every teacher I ever studied with.

My teaching style is a creative and often fun fusion of old school Hatha, blended with the flowing intensity of Vinyasa Flow, Astanga and Jivamukti, along with many powerful techniques learned over the years. I offer my students a set of yogic tools that bring empowerment, healing and connection to a deeper sense of being.

Classes build towards intense and challenging, but accessible poses and techniques, which, when used correctly with the breath, awaken the flow of spiritual energy or Prana (the basic life force that animates us and flows in channels throughout the body). Prana can become blocked either by physical injury or from dumping stress, trauma, or any emotions that we can't deal with into our bodies. This can result in physical, mental or emotional dysfunction. When deeply held blockages are released "that yoga feeling" is experienced. When Prana flows freely, spiritual balance and physical healing are enabled.

In my classes, strong or more advanced poses are broken down into their constituent parts so that you can explore them up to your own level of ability. These practices may be woven into a series of classes over a longer period so that you gradually build the strength and flexibility necessary to deepen your practice in a safe and supported way through detailed instructions on muscular engagement, alignment.

You will learn to understand the signals from your body, and how the mind, breath and body interact. Experience the specific energy of each chakra (spiritual energy centres), and develop deep core strength, functionality and self knowledge.

Yoga Classes with Claire


5.45 – 7pm

Prana Flow



1.45 – 3pm

Poppy Perinatal Yoga


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