Yogarami - Claire Riley

I’ve been practicing Yoga on and off since the age of 8. During the last 40 odd years or so life has drawn me away from yoga many times, but like so many others, I've always come back to the practice and its immeasurable benefits.

I’ve been teaching Yoga full time since qualifying in 2015 with CamYoga and offer a set of yogic tools that help my students to find empowerment, healing and a connection to their deeper being.

Through studying with many inspiring teachers each with their own different approach – I’ve come to understand that each one of us develops uniquely as a Yogi according to our own individual needs.

My teaching style is a creative fusion of old school Hatha, blended with the flowing intensity of practices such as Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Jivamukti, along with many interesting techniques learned over the years.

In 2018 I trained in India with Yogi Ashokananda to teach Prana Kriya yoga which uses strong breathing techniques with vigorous repetitive movement or meditative techniques to recharge the body and the mind, bringing physical and spiritual transformation and growth.

2019 – training in Poppy Perinatal Yoga – an approach designed to empower women through the intense experience of pregnancy and motherhood.

Prana Flow

Prana is the basic life force that animates us and is flows in channels throughout the body. When these channels are blocked the result can be dysfunction of the physical, energetic, mental or spiritual bodies.

This class is for anyone who wishes to align the mind, the physical body and the energy body through a dynamic and intense but supportive practice. Our purpose is to reveal and release blockages to allow Prana to flow freely bringing you into a more balanced and harmonious state.

You are invited to experience each pose at an intensity level that suits you through modifications and progressions according to your ability.

Yoga Classes with Claire


1.45 – 3pm

Pregnancy Yoga


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