Boudicca’s Circle

Boudicca’s Circle is a group of holistic practitioners in Colchester, Essex who meet regularly to support each other's work and help our creative process, and encourage self-care. We refer our clients to each other, even when we work in the same field, as every teacher and therapist has unique qualities and specialist knowledge.

Clare James

Shiatsu Therapist and Yoga Teacher

Clare is a gifted shiatsu therapist and yoga teacher. She works from a sound knowledge base, whilst maintaining an openness to be guided intuitively. We often recommend clients to one another and work supportively together to enable us to maintain our integrity through teaching. Contact Clare by email

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Carol Barret

Reiki Master, Teacher and Massage Therapist

Colchester is very lucky to have a therapist like Carol. She works energetically and respectfully as well as having a responsive and deeply caring touch.

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Lynne Akers

Reiki Master, Massage Therapist

Lynne is a gifted Reiki Master and Massage Therapist who can offer a variety of holistic treatments to suit your specific needs.

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Emma Tivey


Emma is a passionate and knowledgeable herbalist with a particular interest in women's health. It is an honour to share experiences and ideas through Emma's creation Essex Red Tents.

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Holistic Therapist and Artist

Keziah is a talented shamanic healer, artist, Reiki Master and pranic healer. She also teaches Reiki and runs healing workshops and healer's circles.

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