432hz Crystal Sound Alchemy Sound Bath

27th March 2020, 7 – 8.30pm, £12

Please contact Andrea directly to book your space

Working with the breath and the pure tones of seven 432hz tuned Quartz Crystal singing bowls & koshi, chimes we invite you to join, relax and allow the river of crystal sound vibrations to move through your energetic body, bringing life force vitality, freshness, openness & clarity.

Through the consistent and coherent Crystal vibrations we sooth and harmonize the whole body system as we flow through a cycle of fifths. Gently re balancing and retuning. Returning to peace, relaxation and a sense of wellbeing. Renewed, vibrant, meditative, flowing.

Drop fully into a space of relaxation, integration and connect within. we reach deep levels of resonance with these balanced harmonics within and therefore without.

If you struggle with shutting off the mind then a crystal singing bowl sound bath can help you to achieve the benefits of meditation without you consciously having to quieten your head. Homeostasis is created, the body begins to teach the mind and responds to the pure crystal tones beautifully. Just bring you, something comfortable to lie on, pillow, blanket, a cosy nest is what you are wanting to create! Relax and receive!

We leave feeling aligned, clear, connected to the heart & fully grounded having had a wonderful experience of our expanded self. Vibrate at your optimum level, carry that sense of harmony with you and to all around you... and see what happens. With so much love.

Quartz crystal has many amazing properties. Present in all our communication devices, it amplifies, transforms, clarifies, stores information and transmutes energy. Cymatics shows us that certain frequencies create beautiful geometric shapes in the water molecules of the body, through bathing in these vibration we allow the possibility for the body and psyche to come into balance and a natural state for healing to occur. Heart/Mind coherence – this is the principle of how we will be working today. For anyone with epilepsy, pregnant, just given birth or with a pacemaker please do get in touch with me or please do contact your doctor. Thank you .

Andrea Proffitt

Andrea is a Sound practitioner, founder of The Sound Temple and co founder of Cacao Club, a regenerative monthly cacao infused dance experience. Her travels to the Americas in 2012 and in particular 8 months in Peru and 7 months in Guatemala set the tone for the work presenting here now. Andrea’s work focuses on providing clear spaces for embodiment, vibrational alignment & personal transformation.

Working with Sound, Light, Cacao, Movement, Dance and Kriya Yoga breath work a wonderful alchemical transformation is possible. Andrea has held space for many 100’s of people over the last four years at events, workshops, festivals and retreats. She works alongside wonderful yoga, embodiment facilitators and sound healers across the uk and globe. She holds monthly group Sound Baths, workshops and Cacao Ceremonies alongside Women’s sound circles, retreats for small groups and individuals in the UK.

Please get in touch with Andrea if you have any questions on 07795668590