Kundalini Yoga Workshop

18th July 2020, 2 – 5pm, £25

Tom will share with you some of the tools of kundalini yoga.

This will be an opportunity to explore this potent and spiritual yoga in more depth thru Kriya chanting, movements, breathing and meditation experience powerful Yoga practices to connect with our body, mind and spirit. This unique form of yoga works with Kundalini energy, Prana/Qi, our life energy. It helps us dissolve blockages and imbalances, so our energies can flow freely and we can heal physically and emotionally.

For Millenia Kundalini yoga was a secret practice, but in 1969 Yogi Bhajan began to teach it openly throughout the world as it is especially suited to transforming the unique challenges of our modern fast paced technological world. Yogi bhajan also taught Gong meditation and kundalini Yoga is the ideal preparation for a deep healing immersion in the powerful and healing vibrations of the Gongs. The Yoga workshop will be suitable to beginners bring a blanket and cushion for meditation and relaxation sections.

Gong Bath and Supersonic Sound Journey

18th July 2020, 7 – 8.30pm, £15

Tom will use Symphonic and wind gongs plus Himalayan singing bowls to create a transformational space for deep release at a cellular energetic and psychological level.

Gong Meditation is a very powerful form of Sound Healing Yogi Bhajan stated it is THE most powerful of all. At its heart is the sound and vibration of the gong, which works as a tool to balance the physical body, mind, emotions, energetic body, and spirit. Known as the sound of total resonance, the sound of the gong gives the body a sonic massage helping to: stimulate circulation, activate the parasympathetic nervous system; slow down brainwaves and connect with meditative states and insights; let go of emotional ‘burdens’ clear energetic debris; and expand awareness. The session will end with a few minutes of singing mantra meditation led by Tom on harmonium.

About the facilitator Tom Shanti

Tom is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Gong Practitioner and Kirtan Singing Leader sharing the liberating power of sound. The intention of his practice is to create a sacred space to experience one’s own true nature of deep peace joy and bliss. Facilitating insight and clearing subconscious obstacles and self-limiting belief patterns. You can find out more about Tom Shanti at


Kundalini Yoga Workshop, £25
Gong Bath Sound Journey, £15
Combo deal for both workshops, £35

Instant payment can be made via the following link:

To check spaces availability or for more information please contact Tom on:

07974 810254

Please let me know if you are pregnant, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, fits/seizures, back pain, have a pacemaker or hearing-aid.