Workshops are a great opportunity to spend more time going deeper into a specialised area of interest and run at the Yoga Light Centre throughout the year. Please contact the teacher directly to inquire about dates, express interest and/or book your place.

Exploring the Rainbow Bridge

This is a three-hour workshop designed to connect with the chakras through yoga. Chakras are energy centres found in the subtle body which can become blocked due to trauma or chronic manifestation of bad habits. The workshop is gentle yet deep, using visualisations, meditations, breathing and postural work to tap into the energetic field of the body and clear any blockages. Not only will this enable the energy to flow freely again through the body but can bring light and clarity to your life’s purpose and transform your mental attitude by reinstating your sense of power.

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“Today I discovered just how powerful chanting can be. Thanks, Ceri for the most intense, transformative yoga session I've ever experienced! I enjoyed traversing the Rainbow Bridge with you!”

Alex Toms

Yoga & Diabetes

“Diabetes is fast becoming an epidemic in the modern world. More than 230 million people worldwide have diabetes and according to the World Health Organisation, the number will increase to 333 million by 2025.”

Patrick Holford

Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2011, it wasn’t long before I noticed the powerful, positive benefits my yoga practice had on this condition and general sense of wellbeing. I since became part of the NHS patient forum, have taken DAFNE, a week intensive course to learn about insulin dosage adjustment, and have worked closely alongside the NHS to plan workshops that reinforce their approach to diabetic education and care planning.

Yoga for Diabetes

This half day/ full day workshop is invaluable for starting on a lifelong plan of practice, which includes working through the complications associated with this condition. This workshop is suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, and their carers.

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Diabetes for Yoga Teachers

It is highly recommended for anyone in the health and fitness industry to understand Diabetes and know how to handle a crisis, which could have extreme consequences if not acted on immediately. This workshop is designed for yoga teachers to aid their understanding of Diabetes, recognising signs for necessary action in the class, contra-indications, and exploring how yoga can be beneficial for better blood sugar control and general health.

For further information contact Ceri