Yoga in Schools

YLC owner Ceri Lee discusses the benefits of a regular yoga practice for the youth of today, and how it can be incorporated in schools.

Yoga in Schools

Yoga in schools is becoming increasingly popular. There is recognition that yoga is beneficial within the classroom, with children better able to stay focussed, and displaying longer attention spans following yoga practice.

Younger children love to play. In using a structure to stimulate their creative ability, they are given the opportunity to express themselves through their own invention. They engage with a sense of fun whilst learning the basis of this ancient tradition.

Older children become better equipped to deal with stressful situations such as exam preparation, hormonal changes in puberty, and coping with intense emotions at a delicate stage in life.

The asanas (postures) help reinforce strength, flexibility and good posture at a critical point of development in the body. They can help the body manage the hormonal changes in puberty and intense emotions that may occur during this stage in life. The breathing techniques have been known to reduce bronchial conditions such as asthma, provide a focus in stressful situations and aid relaxation. It is quite simply a complete system for developing a balanced personality, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Here’s a lovely piece of writing that exemplifies the benefits of teaching Yoga as an activity within a school. This is written by a year 7 girl who found yoga so helpful she wrote about it, as she wanted to share her experience.

“This term I have been doing yoga with Ceri. I have learnt lots of new things from yoga like a shoulder stand and how yoga has its own language and prayers. At first I thought yoga was all about getting fit and poses. It is also to do with breathing and it is very relaxing. I do this activity on Thursday which is good because I feel really relaxed for Friday. I have learnt lots of different routines by putting lots of different movements together. It has also helped me improve my handstands because I have learnt how to breath whilst doing them. I think I have learnt a lot from it and now I can practice at home.”

Alara (year 7)

Ceri has worked with different ages of children in school in a variety of ways, with groups ranging in size from seven to seventy! Each package is completely unique and structured to the requirement of the school. Sometimes yoga has been offered as a weekly activity by the school. On other occasions Ceri has been invited to host workshops as part of a school ‘Health & Wellbeing Week.’ School packages can be adapted to suit the ages of the children and needs of the school. Ceri is available for workshops or weekly sessions between the hours of 9am–3pm.

Ceri also runs a weekly Teen Yoga classes on Wednesdays 4–5pm at the Yoga Light Centre, Ruthin, North Wales. These classes combine flowing sequences with a classical approach to keep the teenage brain engaged and active. Ceri is DBS registered & approved. Classes run termly and cost £40 for a six–week course.

Please check the classes page for more information, or if you would like to learn more about Yoga in Schools please contact Ceri here

Please check the classes page for more information

Or if you would like to learn more about Yoga in Schools please contact Ceri

“Ceri is a great, happy and bubbly instructor.”

Phillipa Timmis (year 8)