About Ceri

Hi, I’m Ceri!

You have taken a such a positive step by showing an interest in yoga and holistic living.  Yoga Light was created to help you on your journey towards good health in body and mind through the empowering practice of yoga. Having worked over 20 years in the wellness space as a yoga teacher, I can show you HOW to work with yoga, the breath, and meditation as a powerful means to strengthen and heal the mind and body, at a level that works for YOU.

As well as a strong and supple body, when practiced regularly, yoga can give you a profound sense of balance, clarity, and peace.

Why you will benefit from working with me…

As a lone parent with two energetic teenage boys, I appreciate how stressful and busy life can be, and have the tools for you to help relieve anxiety and depression in a chaotic world.

With a broad spectrum of teacher training, ranging from remedial through to advanced yoga, and more recently Menopause Yoga,  I can offer a sustainable practice for all body types, without judgement, to meet your individual needs.

Specialising in the breath, I can teach you how to connect with vital energy through the breath as an empowering tool for strengthening and healing the mind and body.

As a qualified Reiki practitioner attuned for healing, I energetically connect with imbalances in the body and can work with you to release blockages so that energy flows and vitality is restored.

My story

I discovered yoga in 1993 through books, whilst embarking on an acting career. Inspired and intrigued, with a regular practice, the years that followed brought a calmer mind and stronger, increasingly supple body, whilst my eating habits changed naturally to a more nutritious diet. By 2000, I was inspired to teach yoga professionally. Training took place at the Yoga for Health Foundation in the UK specialising in Remedial yoga, and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in India which encouraged a strict spiritual discipline and physically challenging practice. Following summers were spent working as a karma yogi at the Sivananda Headquarters in Canada immersed in a yogic way of life. Here, I became more energetically aware, was drawn to the healing qualities of Reiki, and took the Reiki attunements in 2005.

In 2006 life changed forever when my first son was born, shortly followed by his brother, and the following years were spent raising my beautiful boys in Essex, whilst continuing to teach regular yoga classes and retreats around the world. With a longing for community, I became a founding member in Essex Red Tent, a monthly women’s circle, which has served many women since 2013, and now continues online.

During these years I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, yet with a healthy mindset, a nutritious diet, regular yoga practice, and ability to channel vital energy with Reiki, I have been able to manage this condition. Experience has taught that life brings tension and stress, and if trapped in the body can lead to chronic pain and/or illness. Hatha yoga, including asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), relaxation, and energy channelling such as Reiki help to release this energy so that healing can occur and the detrimental effects of health conditions minimised.

In 2018 my sons and I moved to North Wales to be closer to family and found a Victorian town house with a disused shop space requiring complete renovation.  It was the perfect place for a yoga studio, and after six months of a complete overhaul, the Yoga Light Centre opened to provide yoga classes and other holistic pursuits to the local community, along with guest accommodation for wellbeing breaks. You can read more about the renovation story in Wales Online.

2020 brought not only the pandemic, but a hysterectomy and surgical menopause which propelled me to take further training to support midlife women whilst navigating my way through the changes. Now post menopause and with renewed energy, as well as raising my sons, I teach weekly yoga classes and 1-1 in the studio, offer Reiki, and run midlife mentorship programs, yoga and women’s retreats in the UK and abroad. i also write occasional articles for OM Yoga & Lifestyle magazine and am a regular contributor to Menopause Matters magazine. You can access specialist areas of study including the 21-day Breathing Series, 7-days to Clear the Chakras, and Moving into Midlife 5-day Mini-Series via the the online series.

Ceri’s qualifications


BA (Hons) Theatre Arts & foundation year Dance: 1989-1993


General Teacher Training: 2001
Advanced Teacher Training: 2004
Assisting Advanced Teacher Training Courses 2004, 2005


General Teacher Training: 2001
Remedial Teacher Training: 2002
Independent Yoga Network (IYN) registered Yoga Elder

REIKI 1 & 2 (2005)


Baby Yoga certified training: 2005



Ongoing CPD

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Curious to know more and wondering if yoga or reiki will be right for you? I’m happy to have a chat