Yoga as Medicine for the Menopause

The menopause is an incredible stage in a woman’s life. However, in response to changes taking place in the body there can be uncomfortable symptoms, that whilst temporary, may be distressing. What do we know about the menopause? The most … Read More

Harnessing the Breath to Fuel Body & Mind

Breathing has become a major hot topic. 2020 saw a boom of online courses such as learning how to breathe correctly; breathing classes for stress, building resistance, relieving anxiety and depression, breathing to aid sleep… which is a great thing! … Read More

Wellness in the corporate office environment

Wellness in the Workplace

Why mental health needs to be considered at work, and how employers might support their staff in a changing world. It is generally accepted in both the eastern and western medical profession, that the body becomes ill when its natural … Read More

Dramatic yoga pose on the beach with sunset behind

Strike a Pose

Modern Yoga and the Importance of Staying Connected to the Roots of the Practice Yoga is everywhere and its popularity is on the rise. What a great thing! There is, however, a growing misconception that yoga is about strutting incredible … Read More

Meditation image of a flower floating on calm water

The Benefits of Meditation

What Does Meditation Mean to You? In a world with increasing levels of stress, mental health has become a real issue and concern for most people. Meditation is a vital practice for me to help relieve stress & find peace … Read More

Teenagers practising yoga outside

Yoga in Schools

YLC Owner Ceri Lee Discusses the Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice for Young People and How It Can Be Incorporated in Schools Yoga in schools is becoming increasingly popular. There is recognition that yoga is beneficial within the classroom, … Read More

Ceri Lee, happy in a field of flowers

Demystifying Diabetes through Yoga

What Is Diabetes, and How Can Yoga Help Manage This Condition? As a type 1 Diabetic, yoga teacher Ceri Lee has lived with this condition for many years, worked around its complications through her own practice and is able to … Read More