Yoga as Medicine for the Menopause

The menopause is an incredible stage in a woman’s life. However, in response to changes taking place in the body there can be uncomfortable symptoms, that whilst temporary, may be distressing. What do we know about the menopause? The most … Read More

Wellness in the corporate office environment

Wellness in the Workplace

Why mental health needs to be considered at work, and how employers might support their staff in a changing world. It is generally accepted in both the eastern and western medical profession, that the body becomes ill when its natural … Read More

Dramatic yoga pose on the beach with sunset behind

Strike a Pose – the purpose of posture

Modern Yoga and the Importance of Staying Connected to the Roots of the Practice Yoga is everywhere and its popularity is on the rise. What a great thing! There is, however, a growing misconception that yoga is about strutting incredible … Read More

Teenagers practising yoga outside

Yoga in Schools

Yoga Light Centre owner Ceri Lee discusses the benefits of a regular yoga practice for young people and how it can be incorporated in schools Yoga in schools is becoming increasingly popular. There is recognition that yoga is beneficial within … Read More

Ceri Lee, happy in a field of flowers

Demystifying Diabetes through Yoga

What Is Diabetes, and How Can Yoga Help Manage This Condition? Senior yoga teacher Ceri Lee has lived with Type 1 diabetes for many years, worked around its complications through her own practice and is able to offer yoga with … Read More