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Menopause can creep up on you, or it can hit you like a ton of bricks. Every woman is different.

A few of you will sail through the menopause without a care in the world. But for many it’s a deeply challenging time.  Why suffer alone with anxiety, sleepless nights, weight gain and the feeling that life is a little too tough? 

I am post menopause and want to invite you on a journey, exploring midlife together to find clarity and create the future you want.

If you are a company committing to ensuring expert health support for the midlife women in your organisation, then please get in touch to see how I may help.

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“Ceri is a warm, inspiring, supportive, and talented teacher. She speaks from the heart and works with authenticity, having immersed herself in this practice and its values for so many years. Her wit, kindness and awareness mean that her sessions and her presence are nurturing and precious. Highly recommended.”

Clare Palmer

Did you know?

SWAN study reports an average gain of 10kg in women’s weight during the menopause transition.

5 out of 22 studies reported significant increased prevalence of depression and anxiety in post-menopausal women.

78% of women experience brain fog in menopause.

10% of women leave the workforce due to menopause, and 1 in 4 consider leaving.

Over 60% of divorces in the UK are initiated by peri & post menopausal women.

5 yoga practices to relieve menopausal anxiety and overwhelm

published in Om Yoga Magazine, April 2023

How menopause impacts the modern woman.

In conversations with midlife women, I often hear how they may feel lost and unsure as to their future.

They feel they have become invisible.

As children we all have hopes and dreams and by midlife, we reach a crossroads.  It is a time to look back and evaluate our current trajectory. Some women are unhappy with how their life has unfolded.

They re no longer sure of their life purpose.

For some professional women the symptoms of peri-menopause impact their confidence and ability to handle the pressures at work. That, along with the temptation of ultra processed food in a fast paced world, adds inflammation and stress to a body already challenged with changing hormones.

Ceri Lee is a fully accredited Menopause Yoga teacher who graduated from this gold standard course. She has the skills and training to support women in the menopause. I am delighted to endorse her classes and workshops and hope you enjoy them.”
Petra Coveney founder of Menopause Yoga

How I can help you…

As a yoga elder and Reiki practitioner with over 20 years working in the wellness space, I have taught and supported thousands of people, helping them access peace within, hold space for healing, or build a strong yoga practice.

In 2021 whilst adapting to the changes of menopause following a hysterectomy, further training was taken to become a Life Purpose Coach and Menopause Yoga specialist. I have since been helping women in menopause understand their changing body and adapt to a healthier lifestyle, build confidence, and reclaim their true life purpose.

Too many woman believe that their best years are behind them but I’m here to show you the future is yours to shape.

Become the architect of your life!

There is no magic pill, but if you have the courage to face yourself with transparency and wise counsel, the greatest time of your life may be right in front of you. In valuing your life and body, giving time to go within to find clarity in a confusing world, you can shed the skin of the past and discover the woman you were always meant to be.

yoga for joint mobility

Moving into Midlife


Supporting the body in peri menopause through yoga. Receive daily emails and videos to support the changing body, understanding why and HOW to look after your body and mind at this significant time in life. Focus on core stability, pelvic floor, bone and muscle maintenance, mobility and balance.

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A thorough program that really helped me work out what I want to do and what is most important. Ceri’s positive approach supported me to work through and trust the process.”

Supercharge your Midlife Mentorship Program

12-week journey to the self

Discover the person you were always meant to be and reclaim your true life purpose with an authentic toolkit containing mind-expanding practices based on decades of experience and specialist knowledge to reveal the unique gifts that are within you. Be fully supported and guided step by step to uncover your menopause with time to work out who you are, what you want, and how to find it.

Meeting online or in person for six fortnightly 1-1 90-minute consultations I will help you reconstruct your life through a series of tried and tested techniques to shift your mind to a place of enlightened possibility. During your 12-week journey I will be there to answer questions, champion your successes and be fully accountable with 12-hour availability between sessions by text/phone or email.

What’s included

Mind mapping & goal setting.

Somatic practices based on the yoga tradition.

NLP – neurolinguistics programming.

Inner child & shadow work.  

Holding space for you to just be.

Life lessons through the seasons.

Downloadable workbook with tasks to complete between sessions.

Interested to know more?

Please reach out so we can discuss your current situation and see if the program is right for you.

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I want to help as many women as possible step into their true power and fulfil their deepest hopes and dreams!

You are not invisible; you are not alone. You are a woman entering the most powerful time of your life and I am here to give you the tools you need, inspiring you with full support and motivation to truly thrive during this next phase in your life.

So, if you’re ready to prioritise your health in (peri) menopause with opportunity to redefine your life, then please do get in touch to see how I might help you.


How is mentoring different to psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is focussed on resolving issues from the past including trauma, whereas mentoring guides you towards a healthier lifestyle with head space to alchemise events from your past into positive future potential.

What if I need to pause the sessions?

If at any point the mentoring process needs to pause due to medical or therapeutic reasons you will be signposted towards finding suitable support. If based on life circumstances the pause is mutually agreed between client and facilitator.

What is inner child work?

Facilitating you to connect with your inner child by shining a light in the memory closet of your mind, to inspire a new direction or simply tweak your current path to gain greater clarity and intention.

Ceri Lee is a regular contributor to Menopause Matters, the UK’s award winning magazine recommended by GPs. Read one of her articles and check out their website here.