Moving into Midlife

Midlife Mentorship and Menopause Yoga with Ceri Lee, to support a healthier lifestyle and embrace this next chapter of life with grace and ease.

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Menopause can creep up on you, or it can hit you like a ton of bricks. Every woman is different.

A few of you will sail through the (peri) menopause transition without a care in the world! But for many it’s a deeply challenging time. Why suffer alone with anxiety, sleepless nights, weight gain and that feeling that life is just a little too tough?

I am post menopause and want to invite you on a journey, exploring a midlife together, knowing that you’re not alone. Sharing an authentic wellness toolkit with mind & body enhancing practices, based on personal experience and specialist knowledge, here is my offering to you:

  • Learn specialist yoga and breath practises for enhanced wellbeing
  • Be guided towards your true-life purpose
  • Hold space for you to just be.
  • Explain what is happening to your body and ways to improve health
  • Inspire you to embrace your second spring!
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If you’re ready to prioritise your health in (peri) menopause with opportunity to redefine your life, the Moving into Midlife with Grace & Ease 12-month ONLINE program will give you the tools you need, inspiring you with full support and motivation to truly thrive during this next phase in your life.

***STARTING 2023***

Moving into Midlife with Grace & Ease

12-month ONLINE program with Ceri Lee

Be fully supported, along with a group of inspiring women who also wish to redefine their life, for an entire year.

As a yoga elder and Reiki practitioner with over 20 years working in the wellness space, I have taught and supported thousands of people, helping them access peace within, hold space for healing, or build a strong yoga practice. With coaching I have learnt that everyone is unique, each with their own story, and in reaching midlife realise that we all have baggage too.

Moving into midlife is a gift! (We’re still here, right?)

If we can adapt to the changes with grace; by letting go of our baggage, harnessing the power of menopause and fine tuning our true purpose, we uncover a deeper meaning in life that enables us to flow with greater ease. This program is about helping you discover this for yourself. To give you the tools to reclaim your life and body, with headspace to create the life you want that you were meant to live.

A thorough program that really helped me work out what I really want to do and what is most important. Ceri’s positive approach supported me to work through and trust the process

Lucy M

What the 12-month program includes:

  • 1x weekly online yoga session + access to collections
  • 8x 1-1 30-minute Life Purpose consultations
  • 1x monthly 2/3-hour seminar or workshop
  • 8x specialist speakers
  • Invitation to join a private online group

Be guided step by step to uncover what is happening to you and where you now want to be in life. With time to work out who you are, what you want, and how to find it.

From a bed rock of impeccable technical expertise and spiritual wisdom, Ceri really listens and intuits exactly what you and your body need. She is superb at improving posture and vitality, strengthening muscles and joints, enabling deep relaxation – and motivation!

Ann B

This 12-month package costs £1,444 for a unique opportunity to give yourself the gift of transformation. Quarterly payment package available £445 per quarter.

For those who prefer to work 1-to-1, there is opportunity to take Midlife Mentorship and Life Purpose Coaching for £120 per 1 hour session or £600 for 6 sessions, usually taken over a 3-month period.

If this resonates, please get in touch to discuss how I may support you through your midlife wellness journey.

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Menopause Yoga Circle – 3 hour workshop with Ceri Lee & specialist speaker

If you would like to learn more about the menopause and live locally to Ruthin, then come and join a Menopause Yoga Circle at the Yoga Light Centre!

You are warmly welcomed into a nurturing and meditative space to bring relief from menopausal symptoms and sow the seeds for redefining your life during these incredible years. A place that invites inner calm & expression through ancient yogic breathing practices and restorative yoga to support the body. With time to acknowledge the changes that may be happening during your menopause, where you will be seen with opportunity to be heard.


  • Themed check in
  • Specialist educational presentation
  • Supportive breathing practices
  • Restorative yoga with props & bolsters
  • Refreshments
  • Reflective journalling
  • Check out

You are not alone; you are not invisible. You are a woman entering the most POWERFUL time your life, and this space is here to enable you to fulfil your highest potential.

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Ceri Lee is a fully accredited Menopause Yoga teacher who graduated from this gold standard course. She has the skills and training to support women in the menopause. I am delighted to endorse her classes and workshops and hope you enjoy them.

Petra Coveney- founder of Menopause Yoga

2023 Dates

Saturday 4th Feb 2023
Theme: Anxiety & Overwhelm

How to stress less during menopause
£45 (early bird £40 before 31st December 2022)

Saturday 6th May 2023
Theme: Second Spring

Empower your body post menopause
£45 (early bird £40 before 31 March 2023)

Saturday 9th September 2023
Theme: Hot Flushes

How to chill (literally) through the menopause
£45 (early bird £40 before 30 July 2023)

Saturday 2nd December 2023
Theme: Menorage

Ways to relieve menorage & irritability through yoga
£45 (early bird £40 before 31 October 2023)


Read what women are saying:

“It was so refreshing to be in a yoga circle that was supportive and encouraging. The acceptance of my physical limitations and compassionate encouragement has given me such a boost. I left feeling optimistic. I also have learnt plenty of constructive ways in which I could improve my sense of well-being and rebuild confidence at this pivotal time in my life.”

Sue B

“Ceri hosted a lovely and nurturing session. She made us all feel safe and able to open up. It was lovely to hear Ceri’s journey story and those of the other ladies who were there.”

Dawn F

“I attended the menopause Yoga Circle and had a very nurturing experience that was pitched at just the right pace in a small group. I liked Ceri’s welcoming and inclusive approach with emotional, physical, and practical support. At the end the tea and seed cake set me up for the day – thanks Ceri!”

Ann P
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Supporting the body in (peri) menopause through yoga

Over 5 days, discover what may be happening to your body because of menopause. Receive daily yoga videos (under 10 minutes) to help you look after your body and mind at this significant time in life.

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