Online series

Take time to slow down and reconnect.

7-Days to Clear the Chakras with Ceri Lee

Do you feel stuck in life and just can’t seem to motivate yourself?

Or you have lost your sense of direction?

Then this series may help you recalibrate and get you back on track!

21-Day Breathing Series with Ceri Lee

Did you know it can take just 21 days to form a new habit?

Even less when your brain signifies a reward from it!

Are you ready to make small achievable shifts in your life towards a healthier, less stressed you?

Moving into Midlife


Understand the body in (peri) menopause with 5 daily videos to support the changing body. Focussing on:

  • Core stability
  • Pelvic floor
  • Bone and muscle maintenance
  • Mobility
  • Balance

Coming soon!

If you are a company or organisation running wellness events for your work force and want to inquire about presenting sessions, we can schedule a call to see how best to support you. Specialising in yoga, breathing, meditation, menopause awareness & midlife mentoring.

Feedback from the Yoga, Breathing & Meditation sessions at a large sport organisation’s online wellbeing event;

Ceri Lee was an exceptional presenter who was extremely knowledgeable with a “down-to-earth” approach. The attendees all felt at ease with her delivery and personality. In the sessions we had athletes who compete on the world stage to staff and family members of all ages, and I received unconditional positive feedback about the impact of the sessions. We will be looking to use Ceri Lee’s expertise in the future to work with our organisation, and I cannot recommend her input highly enough.

Paul R Head of Psychology

You can access my published articles with OM Yoga & Lifestyle here.