Exploring Chakras

Online 7-Day Chakra Clearing Series

If you are feeling stuck in life or feel that you have lost your sense of direction, it could be down to trapped energy in the body which may eventually adversely affect us, unless we find ways to release it.

Chakras are energy centres in the body, each likened to a spinning wheel which can become blocked due to emotional trauma, illness, injury, or the chronic manifestation of unhelpful habits built up over the years.

There are seven principal chakras in the body, each responsible for specific energetic qualities. This online 7-day series is an invitation to help clear any blockages through simple yoga practices, guided meditation, and cognitive tasks to enable free flow of vital energy in the body.

In connecting deeply with your body and acknowledging emotional scars, you can enable free flow of vital energy in the body and mind, so you feel lighter, brighter, and with renewed life purpose.

This was the most successful yoga resource I have ever purchased. Beautifully presented with a clear, detailed, and attractive workbook, sent in pdf format so I can use it whenever I choose. The daily videos were a perfect length for encouraging me to do them. I loved the way each chakra focussed on a different part of the body. The tasks were also really useful in encouraging me to consider various parts of my life in a positive way. Presented by Ceri with her concise, serene and friendly manner this seven day course really was a joy to experience.


What to expect from the online 7-Day Chakra Clearing Series

Daily motivational emails

20-minute daily online yoga sessions

Journaling and daily written tasks

Techniques to release blocked energy

Time to contemplate your life path

Inspiration to implement changes in your life

“Learning about the Chakras through Ceri’s beautifully crafted programme has been physically and mentally transformative for me. I was looking for physical yoga practice but received so much more; history, knowledge and deep understanding all imparted in a clear, accessible & enjoyable way. I have new poses as well as motivation to take my learning into many aspects of my life.”


This life enhancing and potentially transformational course is available for just £35!

*Downloadable beautifully illustrated Workbook and eBook included

So, if you’re ready to clear your energy channels and realign with your natural flow, then you’re in the right place to take your first step!

I thoroughly enjoyed Ceri’s warm and engaging teaching style.  Over the course of the week Ceri carefully guided us through the postures, meditation and chakras and I felt fully informed and supported at all moments, owing to Ceri’s deep knowledge, understanding and generous sharing of the teachings.


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