Massage therapy works to promote healing and enhance a person’s overall well-being. It has been used for thousands of years in different cultures around the world and has lots of benefits, helping to relieve physical and psychological symptoms.

May is the Yoga Light Centre’s registered massage therapist and member of Federation of Holistic Therapy. She is very passionate about massage therapy and would love to work with you to improve your well-being.

Healthy living and helping others is the key to inner happiness.

“Wow! I’ve had the most amazing massage today with May! Not only is she lovely and beautiful, she is an expert in her field. I felt extremely comfortable with May and had the best combination massage of Swedish, reflexology and Thai. My back feels amazing and I can’t wait for my next treatment. Thank you so much May!!! I’d highly recommend May to anyone!”

Sarah Leanne Davie

MASSAGE options

Why not check out the massage options below to make your restorative break feel totally zen! Includes initial consultation, treatment and post discussion.

60 mins £65, 75 mins £75, 90 mins £85

Signature Massage

May specialises in the Signature Full Body Massage, a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and Reflexology massage techniques. Proven to relieve body aches and promote deep rest and relaxation, it is the most complete service and considered to be one of the best forms of natural healing.

Sports Therapy Massage

Sport Massage is a form of deep tissue massage used to relieve tension and restrictions that have build-up due to repetitive and strenuous physical activities. The process of manipulating muscles, connective tissue and fascia reduces pain, muscular tension and relaxes connective tissue.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage originated in India and is based on Ayurveda and yoga. It combines massage with yoga-like positions to apply pressure. This pressure, along with gentle stretching, releases blocked energy and frees the body’s healing potential to restore balance, health, and harmony.

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