Menopause Yoga Circle

Menopause Yoga Circle

Theme: Menorage
Ways to relieve menopausal rage and irritability through Yoga

Saturday, October 1, 2022
9:30am – 12:30pm
£45 (early bird price: £40 until 10th September)

You are warmly welcomed into a nurturing and meditative space to bring relief from menopausal symptoms and sow the seeds for redefining your life or radical transformation during these incredible years.

In this Menopause Yoga Circle Eirian Lloyd Jones explores ways to alleviate menopausal symptoms through naturopathic & allopathic remedies, whilst Ceri Lee invites inner calm & expression through restorative yoga & breath work.


  • Themed check in where you will be seen with opportunity to be heard
  • Specialist educational presentation
  • Supportive ancient yogic breathing practices
  • Restorative yoga asana (postures) with yoga props, bolsters, and all things cosy
  • Refreshments
  • Reflective journalling
  • Check out and closing of the circle

You are not alone; you are not invisible. You are a woman entering the most POWERFUL time your life, and this space is here to enable you to fulfil your highest potential.

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“Ceri Lee is a fully accredited Menopause Yoga teacher who graduated from this gold standard course. She has the skills and training to support women in the menopause. I am delighted to endorse her classes and workshops and hope you enjoy them.”

Petra Coveney- founder of Menopause Yoga

Read what women are saying about the Menopause Yoga Circle:

It was so refreshing to be in a yoga circle that was supportive and encouraging. The acceptance of my physical limitations and compassionate encouragement has given me such a boost. I left feeling optimistic. I also have learnt plenty of constructive ways in which I could improve my sense of well-being and rebuild confidence at this pivotal time in my life.

Sue B

Ceri hosted a lovely and nurturing session. She made us all feel safe and able to open up. It was lovely to hear Ceri’s journey story and those of the other ladies who were there.

Dawn F

“I attended the menopause Yoga Circle and had a very nurturing experience that was pitched at just the right pace in a small group. I liked Ceri’s welcoming and inclusive approach with emotional, physical, and practical support. At the end the tea and seed cake set me up for the day – thanks Ceri!”

Ann P

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