Yoga in Schools

Yoga Light Centre owner Ceri Lee discusses the benefits of a regular yoga practice for young people and how it can be incorporated in schools

Yoga in schools is becoming increasingly popular. There is recognition that yoga is beneficial within the classroom, with children better able to stay focussed, and displaying longer attention spans following yoga practice.

Younger children love to play. In using a structure to stimulate their creative ability, they are given the opportunity to express themselves through their own invention. They engage with a sense of fun whilst learning the basis of this ancient tradition.

Older children become better equipped to deal with stressful situations such as exam preparation, hormonal changes in puberty, and coping with intense emotions at a delicate stage in life.

“A child’s mental health is just as important as their physical health and deserves the same quality of support.”

Kate Middleton

Yoga provides a complete system for developing a balanced personality, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Young people can benefit from practicing yoga in following ways:

  1. Asanas (postures) help reinforce strength, flexibility, and good posture at a critical point of development in the body.
  2. Yoga can help the body manage the hormonal changes in puberty and intense emotions that may occur during this stage in life.
  3. The breathing techniques have been known to reduce bronchial conditions, such as asthma, and provide a focus in stressful situations and aid relaxation.

This lovely piece of writing by Alara (year 7) exemplifies the benefits of teaching Yoga as an activity within a school.

“This term I have been doing yoga with Ceri. I have learnt lots of new things from yoga like a shoulder stand and how yoga has its own language and prayers. At first, I thought yoga was all about getting fit and poses. It is also to do with breathing, and it is very relaxing. I do this activity on Thursday which is good because I feel really relaxed for Friday. I have learnt lots of different routines by putting lots of different movements together. It has also helped me improve my handstands because I have learnt how to breath whilst doing them. I think I have learnt a lot from it and now I can practice at home.”

How Yoga Can Be Incorporated Into Your School

Packages are available to school children from year 5 upwards.

  • Size is not an issue! Ceri has taught classes varying in size from 7-70 students.
  • Whether you might be looking for a timetabled weekly activity or a single workshop as part of a ‘Health & Wellbeing Week’ initiative, packages can be adapted to suit the ages and needs of the children according to school requirements.
  • Ceri will be happy to discuss ideas with you and the best course of action for your school.

Ceri is DBS registered & approved.

Please get in touch here to make an enquiry.

“Ceri is a great, happy and bubbly instructor.”

Phillipa Timmis (year 8)